General Managers Welcome at Control

For the first time a select few restaurant General Managers can attend Control. We’ve reserved 20 spaces for highly influential GMs that you’d like to turn into CrunchTime champions.

Here’s what you need to know:

    1. You can buy regular conference tickets for your 1-3 most influential GMs (all your other GMs know who they are)
    2. They’ll attend sessions, use the Smaht Bah, learn peer-to-peer from other ace GMs, and get the special attention they deserve
    3. Back home, these energized leaders will use their influence to help you lead your next CrunchTime initiative in the field — at the conference we’ll even supply the plan on how to do so

Whether you’re thinking of tackling food cost reductions, an app rollout, labor expense improvements or managing by KPIs…. a champion in the field that other GMs look up to is key to driving that change.

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